Teresa Nascimento, HR Director of Microsoft Portugal in March 2011

Testimony published in Caderno Expresso Emprego of Expresso Newspaper in March 2011


During a Conceito O2 team coaching, the Microsoft Portugal management team trained leadership and teamwork with the Quatuor Annesci.

Teresa Nascimento, Human Resources Director at Microsoft Portugal, tells how she lived the experience with this French quartet and the impact on management team dynamics.


In personal terms, how was being the conductor of a string quartet?

It is a very intense experience, and raised the adrenaline levels far above the reasonable. That experience just was internalized by reflection and emotionally "digested" after, it took me some time due to the intensity of the moment. The true impact comes with the distance from the situation, when we gain awareness about what we did, what was proposed, the impact we had on the musicians, the image we showed to the audience and what we naturally are in a leadership role of a high performance team.


From the leadership standpoint, what can be learned with an experience like this?

We do a quick diagnosis on what we are and do and we are privileged to receive feedback from musicians who, having no experience in management and leadership, naturally say what they saw.

What's really amazing is the fact that our style is so visible and what we can do differently if we naturally internalize what others see.

We learn something very interesting: it’s not worth wasting energy showing what we don’t are because what we are is visible to everyone very quickly and thus, is more efficient to assume what we are in 3 minutes and spend a year working about it than spend a year disguising what we think others did not saw. It is extremely simple, but involves making a conscious choice of personal exposure, but without which we don’t evolve.


As member of a directors team, what was interesting to note about high performance teams evolution?

It was interesting to note that evolution depends on the joint will and acquaintance generated, on the time spent rehearsing meta-communication, in other words, preparing communication style and rules between everyone, finding what works and does not work.

It was interesting to note that we can have amusement as we learn and take advantage of different styles. And it became very clear that some self-management is possible for a limited period of time, but excellence only is achieved with a leadership (not management) focused on people, on how we get to them and what we mean to them.


As Human Resources Director, which interest has this type of intervention in a Team Coaching program?

First of all, it is important to give just an idea of the "product", that is, is a creative approach, of experiential nature and simultaneously metaphoric/imagery that lingers in memory for long time. This feature is very distinctive from other approaches in the market.

Can be used as a outset for a structured program, a pause for reflection/evaluation on how we are and as a training moment with playful nature impact or even as a moment of great beauty, as the surrounding scenic is very elegant.


What is fundamental for a development program with this intervention to have a real impact?

It needs to have continuity, to be consistent and be taken seriously and, eventually be accompanied by individual coaching to ensure that we go in depth in the development process.


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