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MBTI – Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

What is the MBTI?

The MBTI is a personality profile that seeks to explain why different types of people are interested in different things, why they are better at certain types of tasks and why sometimes they find it difficult to understand each other.

It also allows the identification of individual learning approach and a constructive understanding of diversity in teams.


The MBTI identifies differences among people in terms of their preferences in four dimensions:

  • Source of Energy (E/I)
  • Taking in information (S/N)
  • Decision Making (T/F)
  • Lifestyle (J/P)


The results of the MBTI provide a profile with 16 types related to the intersection of the above mentioned dimensions (for example, ISTJ, ENTJ ...).

The MBTI is the behavioral instrument most widely used in the world: every year, 3.5 million people take the MBTI and it is based on over 50 years of research.


MBTI Objectives

  • Promote self-awareness and development;
  • Understand the differences between people and value this differences;
  • Recognize the potential of exploring the value of these differences;
  • Provide a neutral language to speak about the differences.


Application in organizations

Used as an instrument of self-knowledge in all activity sectors around the world in areas such as:

  • Personal Development;
  • Career Management;
  • Team Development;
  • Problem Solving;
  • Negotiation;
  • Leadership;
  • Communication.



Insights Discovery

What is Insights Discovery?

The Insights system was developed based on the personality model of the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung.

Using the typology of Jung, the Insights Discovery Evaluator is a personal development tool that helps individuals to better understand themselves and others, allowing the development of more effective interactions that enhance organizational development.

Research suggests that a good self-knowledge of strengths and weaknesses allows individuals to develop strategies for effective interaction and helps them to better respond to organizational demands.

The Insights Discovery uses as a common language a system of colors. Each color represents a specific energy and the combination of the degree to which each energy is used, results in a unique profile, with endless combinations of colors that represent the uniqueness of each individual.


Insights Discovery Objective

Insights Discovery provides information on:

  • Personal style;
  • Interaction with others;
  • Decision-making;
  • Key Strengths and weaknesses;
  • Value for the team;
  • Communication;
  • Possible blind spots;
  • Opposite type.


Application in organizations

Insights Discovery has been used as a tool in all activity sectors around the world in areas such as:

  • Self-development;
  • Team Development;
  • Leadership;
  • Communication.


The self-assessment questionnaire is completed online and the feedback is delivered by a Conceito O2 certified coach.


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