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Top Executives Middle Managers Individual Contributors IT Professionals
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E-learning solutions to have access to knowledge anytime, anywhere

What sets us apart:

1. Internationally recognized quality courses;
2. Wide variety of themes in the area of professional skills;
3. Diverse and appealing methodologies;
4. E-learning integration with presential development activities: Blended Learning;
5. Very competitive prices.

1. Internationally recognized quality courses


Conceito O2 is the SkillSoft’s representant in Portugal, a leading organization in e-learning solutions in the international market.



Skillsoft has 25 years of experience, is present in over 60 countries providing solutions in 19 languages and accounts with more than 11 millions users at 3000 clients.

They have an annual investment from 40 to 50 millions dollars in research and development and are the company with the largest number of employees (over 500) to support the costumer.

As a result, it has been recognized for its quality and receiving numerous awards in the e-learning area.


Some studies conducted by outside companies in 2010, SkillSoft users’ show that they:

  • Consider that there was an increase in employee satisfaction by 11%, clients satisfaction by 10%, quality by 10% and productivity by 8% (representing 18 days per year*);
  • Are able to apply the knowledge and the acquired skills (86% of the users);
  • Value the fact that the employee provide access to the SoftSkills training (90% of the respondents);
  • Are satisfied with the product quality (97% of the respondents). * Considering that in one year, an employee works 1840 hours (40*46 weeks), a raise of 8% represents 147 hours (18 days per year -» 2 weeks and a half  of work) .



2. Wide variety of themes in the area of professional skills


Professional Effectiveness

Project Effectiveness

IT collections

Interpersonal Communication

Business Writing

Cross-Cultural Communication

Negotiating & Influencing

Time Management

Dealing with Conflict

Career Development

Worklife Balance

Dealing with Change

Critical Thinking
Projects Mgmt. Essentials

IT Projects Mgmt.

Projects Integration

Projects Scope

Time management &
Projects Costs

HR Projects

Projects Quality

Projects Communication

Risk Mgmt.

Projects Procurement

Team Leading

Participation  in Teams

Virtual Teams
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, etc.)

Sofware Development

Operating systems and server technologies

Internet and Network technologies

Enterprise database systems

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Web Design

Project Effectiveness (Includes Project Management)



Finance, HR & Administration

Management & Leadership

Sales & Costumer

Bus. Strategy & Operations

Finance for Non-Financial Mgrs.




HRCI Human Resource Certifications (SPHR & PHR)


Recruiting & Retention


Administrative Support Skills
Management Essentials

Performance Management


Coaching & Mentoring

Change Management

Leadership Essentials

Leading different Workforce Generations

Succession Planning

Costumer Support Specialist

IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Foundations

Costumer Service Essentials

Costumer Relationship Mgmt.

Consulting with Internal & External Clients

Strategic Account Sales Skills

Selling at the Executive Level



Six Sigma

ASQ Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence

Strategic Thinking

Marketing Essentials

Operations Management

Supply Chain Management



3. Diverse and appealing methodologies



Online courses collection gives learning resources for professionals, providing support for a variety of skills that organizations need to develop internally. These courses integrate many strategies to engage participants with a high level of interaction.






Business Impact Series

Business Impact Series are multimedia videos that allows the participant to “lurk”, for 7 to 12 minutes, an organizational situation as he was watching a real TV show.

This series contains organized information about some topic and videos with real actors that reflect situations in which are applied the best practices and the behaviors to avoid.

Through this methodology, participants have access to an easy and quick way to practical solutions, helping to increase business effectiveness.





Challenges are interactive case studies and focused on content analysis, problem solving and decision making. In this methodology, the participant is confronted with a specific scenario (related to the training area) that must exploit to solve a certain situation.

For 15-20 minutes, users have to obtain and analyze the e-mail, voice-mail, peers and employees information (among others), for example, in their virtual office, and find the most appropriate solution to the situation.



Knowledge Centers

The knowledge center of SkillSoft is an intuitive learning portal and easy to use that provides users instant access to specific and reliable contents.

Each knowledge center, includes specific chosen material to help participants to get knowledge about a topic as quickly and efficiently as possible. This portal it is made of books, courses, simulations, among others.





Leadership Channel

We also share specific channels to Leadership.

The Leadership Advantage is an online solution, oriented to leadership development, that uses different ways of learning as practical activities, videos, challenges and case studies (among others) that contributes to an easy, quick, and engaging learning.

The Leadership Development Channel is another solution that supports the leadership development. It is more diverse and has more than 2000 video programs (between 2-60 minutes) with a best-selling authors, experts and executives.



Books 24x7*

One of the most powerful features of the service that we provide is a virtual library that includes the best titles of publishers whom are industry leaders in several fields. The Book 24x7* provides instant access to over 30,000 digital books, book summaries and research reports in areas such as leadership, sales, innovation, management, IT, finance and engineering.





4. E-learning integration with development presential activities


Blended Learning

The Blended Learning programs allow us to guarantee the real impact of learning in development and to promote continuing motivation.


They are build together with the costumer and may include:

  • An initial online teaser to arouse curiosity and interest;
  • Presential workshops where the interpersonal relationships and the honest feedback of the behaviors demonstrated are valued ;
  • Coaching sessions (presentials and/or by telephone) that enable the development and personalized support;
  • Training and online challenges to facilitate learning and motivation during the process;
  • Final knowledge online evaluation or behaviors evolution 360º assessment.



5. Very competitive prices


If you want to take a course or provide it to your team, contact us because the investment is different according to quantity.



Conceito O2 e-learning provides you the mainstay of a Global Training Academy where all of your employees can access, around the world, anytime, to e-learning solutions with a high quality and proven results.


1.Internationally recognized quality courses;
2.Wide variety of themes in the area of professional skills;
3.Diverse and appealing methodologies;
4.E-learning integration with presential development activities: Blended Learning;
5.Very competitive prices.

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