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Saville Wave Job Profiler


What is the Saville Wave Job Profiler?

It is a tool for job requirement analysis that identifies the key competencies for any role as it measures the importance of behaviors, competencies and abilities.

The perspectives of the job holder, superior, reports and other stakeholders are considered and based on the Saville Consulting Competency Framework.


The report provides information on:

  • The importance of each of the key competencies for the role;
  • Differences of opinion between the various stakeholders;
  • Textual information with considerations of each stakeholder group, which adds richness to numerical data.


The completion of the questionnaire is fast, taking 15 minutes


Application in organizations

It is an essential tool for job requirement analysis, definition of competences and assessments to choose and to provide a basis for employees’ development activities.


Job Requirement Analysis Interviews

The interview is a qualitative technique widely used in job requirement analysis that provides the information needed for a good knowledge and performance of the role, such as:

  • Requirements;
  • Responsibilities;
  • Knowledge;
  • Technical and interpersonal skills;
  • Working conditions.

The interviews are conducted in a semi-structured way to the employee who performs the role and to his/her boss, being the script developed in partnership with the client.


Application in organizations

  • New roles in the company;
  • Organizational restructuring;
  • Re-definition of roles and responsibilities.

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