Fighting doesn’t get you there!
Come and try other ways to have power and influence.

Lisbon - May 5 and 6, 2014
São Paulo - April 3 and 4, 2014




Objectives of the program


Our influencing capacity is crucial when communicating with others and leading effectively.


Influencing skills make a difference when we want to:

  • Mobilize resources to get things done;
  • Influence others without the use of positional authority;
  • Manage and motivate “difficult” or non-performing employees;
  • Lead others through rapid change and uncertainty;
  • Improve cross-functional, supplier and client relationships;
  • Become more effective team members/ team leaders.



360º Assessment with ISQ - Influence Styles Questionnaire - Prior to the program, participants take an 360º evaluation of their Influence Styles. The results will be worked in the workshop.



  • The Situational Influence Model, the behaviors associated with each style and how they are used
  • The 5 influence styles and their use:
    • Persuading
    • Asserting
    • Bridging
    • Attracting
    • Disengaging
  • ISQ profile analysis
  • Planning process
  • Action plan for critical influence situations in daily life
  • Influence situations training
  • Identifying ways to practice and implement the new influence capabilities


Workshop (2 days):
  • Lisbon: 950€ (+VAT)
  • Luanda: 1250€
Includes 360º ISQ assessment, documentation, lunches and coffee-breaks.

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