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Come to train a highly effective Leadership Style: Coaching

Lisbon - September 11 and 12, 2014
Luanda - October 21 and 22. 2014


Objectives of the program

The Coaching Clinic® is a highly effective model to train the necessary skills to be a coach inside the organizations. Targeted at executives and coaches who are looking for a tested model that fosters individual and teams development.


We proudly offer The Coaching Clinic® to organizations that are serious about getting results through their people. The Coaching Clinic® takes the art of coaching and transforms it into a process - a process so effective and reliable that people are walking away with the skills needed to maximize the organization’s performance.



  • To be a coach – A model of trust
    • Build a coaching environment
    • Change personal paradigm
  • The five steps of the process
    • Reason behind the process
    • The Coaching Conversation Model©
  • Coaching competences
    • Contextual Listening©
    • Discovery Questioning©
    • Messaging
    • Acknowledging
  • Personal Coaching Styles Inventory© (PCSI)
    • Define your personal style
    • Coaching of a different style
  • Coaching at your organization
    • Challenges to coaching in organizations

Workshop (2 days):
  • Lisboa: 850€ (+VAT)
  • Luanda: 1150€
Includes documentation, lunches and coffee-breaks.

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