Debate: Coaching is… a punch in the stomach (!?)


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Executive Coaching

Conceito O2 Executive Coaching responds to the needs of behavioral competencies development that the coachee expresses interest in. This process of personal assistance aim at creating the conditions for the coachee to find his/her solutions in order to achieve his/her objectives and those of the organization.


We have created a unique methodology of individual coaching in which we use, at the outset, the assessment instruments in which we are certified and, at the end, a tool to assess the evolution during the program.


Most of our coaches are certified by ICF - International Coaching Federation with the advanced levels of MCC - Master Certified Coach, PCC - Professional Certified Coach and ACC - Associate Certified Coach. The ICF is the most credible entity worldwide to certify coaches in individual and team coaching.

This certification ensures that coaches have specific and continuous coaching training, broad experience and adhere to a strict code of ethics.


In our team we have coaches that deliver coaching in Portuguese (from Portugal and Brazil), English, French, Spanish and German.


Team Coaching

Conceito O2 Team Coaching operates at the level of teams as dynamic systems and with its own identity. The goal is to monitor the team learning and development, creating conditions for the collective performance to be greater than the sum of individual results of those who belong to the team.


We have developed a unique methodology that:

  • Uses as a starting point team analysis and development tools in which we are certified through OPP, Insights Learning and Development, and Hay/McBer.
  • Uses Team Coaching as a way of work the system in order to create synergies, complementarities and to meta-communicate.
  • Uses metaphorical experiences of Teamwork and Leadership interactively, such as conducting a string quartet.


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